Q: Danny please tell the visitors briefly where you first met Gung

Danny: In Prison (laughing) Just kidding

Q: Ok ok never mind. Can you tell us about the first time you made your decision to marry her?

Danny: Sure, I knew from the very first second I met Gung that this is going to be my death as a bachelor. But of course there is also a story behind it.

We had a Lady working here for us and everyday she was praying to Buddha and she gave Buddha three cookies that she bought in 7/11 and she threw the remaining cookies into the rubbish bin.

Because these cookies were of the kind I like pretty much I said to Gung „Eww what a waste“. 2 Minutes later she went to the 7/11. Then I said to myself „Man, if this lady now comes back with exactly these cookies then I am gonna marry her. Jing Jing“

What more? She came backi witrh these cookies and anyway, she gives me everyday a reason to marry her.

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  1. Hallo Danny,
    herzlichen Glüchwunsch zu dem Verkauf. Viele Grüsse an Gung und Amy.
    Viele Grüsse aus HD
    PS: komme am 2. Januar nach Pattaya, werde mir mal die neue Bar anschauen.

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