So you ve been …… Thailand

Dear Readers,

This is a funny one. Do not take it too serious

Dear Farang

I write letter to you. Have you tell you now have big problem in my home Nakon Nowhere. Buffalo sick and cannot get Rice from field. My Father need 3000 Baht for medicine to make Buffalo good again. My brother me fall down well for water and he break leg, cannot help my father same. Need 5000 Baht for borrow good man help my father.

Now my mother stay hospital and my baby also , both have denge fever from drink water no good. After my brother fall down well. Grandmother have motorbike accident, hit four chicken in road, but chicken fled scene, so have no one pay for her in Hospital next bed my mother and baby, want 4000 baht.

Sister in monkey house for make sex show in Bangkok have to pay 220 Baht everyday for food she, but police say no problem give 20 000 baht sister can go free.young brother go hospital to cut for be ladyboy need 10 000 baht for Operation. I think easy if you send 100 000 baht to me, can send my bank at Mangdar bank.

Now you stay your country I know that I stay with you only one night but you number one man from all 35 I go with last month.Now I know it you love to much and think of you every day. I go room after disco. I not work same Bar before now have new job in Wherethefuckaburi at Bird Watschers Bar. ,boss there have good heart and good man, have lots of pretty girls everyday and bar very good fun.

P.S Please to send Foto I can remember which on you

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